Marketing Tips

1 - Create a persona Online

How do you actually create a persona? You can invent a caracter where you personalize voice, laughs, sayings, imitate things someone else does OR you can do yourself. How to create yourself interesting enough to be a persona online?

Start writing down things about you that people talk about when they see you. Is your nationality? your funny way to talk, you walk, your funny can, your wealth, your dogs, your bizz or your kids. Take notes of the most common things people talk about you, pick a few and practice that. Be emphatic about that and see the response.

2 - Use story telling.

This powerful secret is underrated in marketing. story telling has been used since world is world. It leads the process of creating, leads the marketing strategy and has the perfect structure you can use to lead your client to the sell. It’s something you should research about.

3 - Use the same color scheme.

Just a quick branding tip in here. Choose a few colors and repeat the same color in all of your posts, website, photos, videos etc. If possible use the ones on your logo. If you don’t know what to use, again, test what you like the most and the ones you have more response from your audience.


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